Plagiarism Report:

At OmniPapers, we respect anonymity and privacy. More than that, we respect originality and safety. We offer, for a slight charge, a plagiarism report that will cross reference your paper with an official database and provide us with a report. While we ensure every paper is original, our plagiarism report is just an extra step you can take to be entirely sure.

1-Page Abstract:

An abstract is a brief summary of the most important points in a paper.Whether you are looking for a summary for yourself, or your professor/format requires it, OmniPapers will create an abstract one page in length tailored to both the paper's needs as well as your own.

Progressive Delivery:

Progressive delivery allows for clients to be a part of the paper more closely than normal orders. In other words, your paper will be delivered gradually as OmniPapers progresses. Your payment will be broken down into several installments according to separate sections of the paper. You will also be assigned a personal manager that will update you on your paper as it progresses through the stages. The progressive delivery addon costs 10% more of the price of your paper. This addon is only to be used for larger papers and requires approval from the Support team. Furthermore, we cannot apply this service to any paper that is given five days before the respective due date.

Paper Outline:

Paper outlines are great to organize your paper if the assignment requires multiple sub-assignments. For example, if you need to write a paper and present, this addon would organize your essay's information so that it can be easily used for the presentation.